Bug #151

scheduler-dir is hardcoded for prelude-mananger

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the scheduler dir used by the manager is currently hardcoded to
"/var/spool/prelude-manager/scheduler" in the Makefile (MANAGER_SCHEDULER_DIR) of

this makes it impossible to start two instances of the same manager binary on one host
since both would use the same scheduler dir.

the directory-name should probably be profile-name dependent "

/var/spool/<profilename>/scheduler" or get a command-line parameter or so...

i'd really like to see this fixed soon. this is a major showstopper for us....

this was done using prelude-manager-


#1 Updated by about 17 years ago

What problem are you trying to solve by running two instances of Prelude-Manager on the same system?
If this is a showstopper, then you might consider purchasing a support contract from Prelude IDS Technologies, which would ensure that the developer resources you need to solve the problem are immediately available.

#2 Updated by about 17 years ago

People should not be required to buy support contracts just to get obvious bugs fixed. This is not a feature request, it's a bug. Ignoring prefix is broken.

#3 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 17 years ago

Hi people,

This issue is considered as a bug and this is the reason it has been assigned to the 0.9.5 milestone.
However, it is a minor and low priority bug, so there is no specific deadline to be expected for the fix.

I'd like to remind that bug fixes and functionality enhancements are solely brought to you by contributors working on their free time (as this is the case for Gene, whom I'd like to thank in the name of the whole Prelude community) or funded by the [[PreludeIDS]] Technologies company (and its customers, who directly support the Prelude project in buying our services).

In the future, please be so kind to address these issues with the usual courtesy rules on the bug tracker as well as the mailing list. Moreover, both reporting medium not being regarded as professional support, please send your urgent requests directly to the [[PreludeIDS]] Technologies company.


#4 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 17 years ago

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(In r8213) Store Prelude-Manager FIFO into the profile backup directory so that FIFO are per profile. Fix #151.

#5 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 17 years ago

Could you please try changeset r8213 and confirm that it fixe your problem ?

#6 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 14 years ago

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