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Prelude-manager not working

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Have been working with Prelude for quite some time and still having an issue getting the Prewikka front-end to acknowledge any sensors including prelude-manager, lml, and snort. I have seen many tickets regarding the same issue but have not seen a remedy. Please advise. Would greatly appreciate it..thanks!

prelude-manager.conf View - prelude-manager configuration file (8.77 KB) , 04/05/2008 09:01 PM


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This was resolved by adding the -conf and pointing it to the /etc/prelude/... part for each of the sensors.

For example prelude-manger --conf /etc/prelude-manager/prelude-manager.conf
as opposed to just prelude-manager

#2 Updated by Yoann VANDOORSELAERE about 15 years ago

Would it be possible that you got several instance of prelude-manager installed on your system ? Could you provide the output for the following commands:

which prelude-manager
strace prelude-manager 2>&1 | grep "prelude-manager.conf" 

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You are right. Our capstone group is implementing prelude along with lml,snort,ossec and nagios. We figured out that our defualt installs were going to usr/local/etc/~ but our program was running out of /etc/~ so when we registered our profiles they were bieng put in /usr/local/etc/~ so I just copied them over to /etc/prelude/profile/ - not sure if that is the best way to do it but it worked. Our agents are on, events are happening - just no correlation yet. Thanks for the help I greatly appreciate it.

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last post was by me, we are also using wireshark for our verification box to verify what prelude is getting. Do you know of a better tool to use since you work with prelude so much to verify the data ?

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I'm marking this ticket as closed, since it appear to be a prefix issue.

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