Vigilo Architecture

Vigilo NMS is software designed in modular form. All modules are independent and can be deployed on different servers or coexist on the same server.

Centralized architecture

In a centralized architecture, all modules are installed on the same equipment. However, they communicate with each other via the VigiBus bus.

Distributed architecture

The distribution options for the modules are as follows:

Distribution module:

  • VigiBus: At least one instance of VigiBus must be deployed. Other instances can be added depending on the constraints (eg high availability).
  • VigiConf: At least one instance of VigiConf must be deployed. Other instances can be added depending on the constraints (eg high availability), but only one instance is used at a time.
  • VigiRules: At least one instance of VigiRules must be deployed. The correlator exchanges its information with the other components via the VigiBus communication bus.
  • Vigilo GUI: Connects to the different databases to obtain the information to be displayed (alerts, metrology data, configuration, etc.).
  • Collector: A collector houses one or more connectors and acts as a buffer between the supervised equipment and VigiBus. It is possible to install several collectors to distribute the load.


Vigilo NMS is a real modular solution based on a particularly efficient secure communication bus. Thus, it is possible to deploy different modules on different sites of your network in order to meet your requirements.

In addition, all the modules are available in software form, but it is also possible to deploy all or part of the modules in virtualized hosting as well as to rely on a shared SAN.