Vigilo Components

Vigilo GUI

This is the Vigilo NMS web interface. It is used to manage the display of alarms and the monitoring of performance.

The NMS version also integrates the management of user rights and the management of supervision configuration.


This is the supervision configuration management tool.


This is the Vigilo NMS communication bus.


The connectors are used to interface the various components of supervision with VigiBus.

Many connectors are available in Vigilo NMS depending on the applications with which the supervision must be interfaced:

  • Nagios / Shinken supervision engine
  • metrology databases
  • Prelude SIEM
  • Fleet hypervisor
  • FTP server
  • etc.


This is the Vigilo NMS alarm correlator. The correlator acts as a connector.

Base of knowledge

Vigilo NMS integrates a knowledge base that can be fed by your team to progressively improve their incident response procedures. The base can be directly connected to Vigilo GUI. Thus, from an alarm in the interface, it is possible to directly recover the resolution procedure associated with the incident.

Connection between modules

This chapter presents the connection between the Vigilo NMS modules as well as the flow of events between the modules.

Flow.png View (34.6 KB) Thomas ANDREJAK, 07/01/2020 05:03 PM