Raw alarm

Special event transmitted by the supervision engine to Vigilo for analysis. A raw alarm signals a potential problem with the fleet (eg breakdown or malfunction).

Correlated alarm

Incident detected by Vigilo following the correlation of gross alarms. A correlated event is caused by a single raw alarm (eg router failure), but other raw alarms can be attached to it (eg alerts indicating that the servers located behind the router have failed are unavailable). These secondary events attached to the correlated event are then called "hidden raw events".


Publication node in the AMQP dialect. Messages published on an exchange are relayed to one or more queues on the server, from which the connectors will consume the messages.

Regular expressions

Expressions allowing to search for correspondences between a pattern (eg a. * Z) and texts.

There are several implementations of regular expressions. PCRE is a free implementation compatible with regular expressions in the Perl language. This is the most common implementation.


Notification sent by the supervision engine to Vigilo to allow the processing of information. It can be information relating to an alarm or information relating to a metrology indicator.


The inotify tool is a Linux kernel mechanism that provides notifications about the file system when a particular event occurs (for example, the closing of a file).


System and network supervision engine available under free license.


Free component for managing RRD databases allowing the storage and retrieval of performance data, in particular in the form of graphics.