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07:57 AM Prewikka Revision 9812d51c: [#rel2296] @use_transaction uses the name of the original function
Change-Id: If4ce84a07df5cc86ebb280ac9edb73a46c0e7aba


01:59 AM Prewikka Revision 7aee27f1: [#2191] Update to free-jqGrid v4.13.6
Change-Id: I7a448aeb1162db21a558253222c098092017d0c5


07:20 PM Prewikka Revision e96189e9: [#2214] Add style for bootstrap label and inputgroups
Change-Id: I01d4cf411ec69f4d730e8f53c23b1afeea69e9c4
09:50 AM Prewikka Revision 921885cd: [#2157] Update favicon
Change-Id: I38ae28a369b8879c481b894e02904d0128e5aa0a


06:49 PM Prewikka Revision 1312799f: [#2278] Fix MessageListing pagination
+ Fix number display in HeartbeatListing
Change-Id: I6086ed2e0405603882b2beef6f089ee64163be37
06:19 PM Prewikka Revision 2afe273c: [#2190] Fix columns ordering in jqGrid tables
Change-Id: I6fcdafd5736dd0f2968d38c28e7827e399380b9c
06:08 PM Prewikka Revision 1cd588f9: [#1944] Display all enabled filters in HeartbeatListing
+ Cleanup
Change-Id: I2508308fa69e64d4a6b1cd086d4a4b7e856d6b5e
11:21 AM Prewikka Revision 338b7e91: [#1976] Fix plural text in Agents page
Change-Id: I2d3c39ab8b9da2663bdd4323ca512ca61389bb02
11:21 AM Prewikka Revision 37da67d0: [#2132] Remove the cog button when displaying an error
Change-Id: Ia1910f22920073b65f1b9f89ae02058dcd22d41b


03:49 PM Prelude-LML-Rules Revision 60607db8: [#1815] Add NXLog rules
Change-Id: Id3951394b3053ad848de57ec1410c65cf287dad7

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