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Added by Bruzenak LC over 5 years ago

I am using prewikka-4-1-5-2.el7 installed from rpm, and trying to setup the prewikka DB (mariadb).
In the older version, there was a mysql setup file /usr/share/prewikka/database/mysql.sql that needed to be run in order to set up the prewikka tables.
Does this work differently in the newer versions?


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RE: prewikka setup - Added by Bruzenak LC over 5 years ago

After enabling the prewikka-httpd daemon, using the wsgi setup, I can see that the tables get created.
My first question is - if needing to be reset in the event of some mysql problem, is there a suggested reset method? Previously, the mysql initialization would be an option.
Next, my initial attempt did not invoke a login but instead went to an anonymous user who is unable to create new users. Does this indicate I've done something wrong in my setup?


RE: prewikka setup - Added by Antoine LUONG over 5 years ago

Yes, most prewikka tables get automatically created after the first start. You may need to go the Apps page to update the rest.
If you want to reset the database, you can either drop all the tables or drop the database and re-create it.

It is currently not possible to create new users in the OSS version.