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12:29 PM Prewikka Revision 3c32eb27: [#rel1701] UPSERT for custom filters
Do an "UPDATE OR INSERT" (UPSERT) when saving a custom filter
rather than a full DELETE followed by an INSERT.


04:35 PM Prewikka Revision d5969709: [#rel1701] Move repeatable entries
Move management of repeatable entries to Prewikka.
Change-Id: I577443258a7fc3f42e23a80880e1f1ca49d7c4e7
04:30 PM Prewikka Revision 9380066a: [#rel1701] Support multiple extra mainmenu entry
Previously, only one extra mainmenu entry could be added.
We now allow for multiple extra entries.
Change-Id: Iacf7b...


03:03 PM Prewikka Revision a44c3a6d: [#1724] Allow spaces in sub-section names
The configuration parser now accepts sub-sections defined as:
[section Sub-section with spaces]
This now results i...


05:20 PM Prewikka Revision 8c6ecc19: [#1669] Traceback on timelines when start == end
Avoid a traceback on timelines when both the start/end datetime are set
to the same value in the main menu.
02:51 PM Prewikka Revision 1ee481b1: [#1663] Hide irrelevant filters
When displaying a page that does not use any of the alert or heartbeat
filters, just hide the "Filter" select box alt...
02:26 PM Prewikka Revision ef148d16: [#1658] Fix CSS class for node header in sensors
In the sensors listing, the CSS class for the node header was
incorrectly set, resulting in the absence of a backgrou...


11:59 AM Prewikka Revision 42772f8b: [#1651] Avoid tracebacks in prewikka.utils.misc
Avoid tracebacks in the following functions where a string is expected
but something else might be passed (eg. an int...


07:28 PM Prewikka Revision 290b7b9c: [#1636] Fix navigation bar display on IE 9
Some of the buttons used a fixed width while others just expanded
as necessary to fill the windo'w width.
Switch to a...


01:57 PM Prelude Correlator Revision e8352fa6: [#526] Re-enable SpamHaus plugin & add warning
Warn against certain versions of python-netaddr (0.7.10-0.7.15) which
are known to be very slow due to a regression o...

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