Suricata 6 dropped prelude support?

Added by Andrew Goldy almost 3 years ago

Hello Guys!

As I wanted to upgrade my 5th version of suricata to version 6, the compile fails when prelude output was configured.
I've opened a request to suricata about this for long months, but seems the problem still exist.

What could be the workaround to use prelude with suricata version 6+?


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RE: Suricata 6 dropped prelude support? - Added by Thomas ANDREJAK almost 3 years ago


There is this PR for quite long time, that wait for Suricata Team to validate it :

As Victor said : "I think for 6 (master-6.0.x) we can accept this approach, but for the suricata 7 side (master) I would like to get rid of it."

So it should be OK when this PR will be approuved.

IF it is urgent for you, you can compile Suricata 6 with this PR include.