Wiki Documentation Contributer's Manual


Contributions to the Prelude documentation are greatly appreciated!

  • If english is not your first language that is okay. We don't mind fixing small grammar issues.
  • Prior to adding a new page on a topic look through the various other sections to make sure there is no information already being covered in that area of focus.
  • When you find a page you wish to edit refer to the page "History" to see if the author is still working on it by his comments.

Page Layout

Here are some elements of the formatting syntax you should use for a quick start and efficient work:

Page title and Tables of Contents

  • Page title

h1. Page title

  • Adding the Manual Table of Contents in your page:
[[TracNav(TOCManualUser)]] or [[TracNav(TOCManualDevel)]] 
  • Adding the Page Table of Contents if your page is quite long:
*Table of Contents*
{{toc}} => left aligned toc
{{>toc}} => right aligned toc

Chapters, Subchapters and font style

  • Chapter title
h2. Chapter title
  • Subchapter title
h3. Subchapter title 
  • Important information
 *Important information* 
  • Comments, Details
_Comments, Details_ 

Lists and Preformatted Text

  • A list of elements
    • element A
    • element B
    • element C
* A list of elements
** element A
** element B
** element C
  • Source code snippets or configuration scripts. Ex:
  • Use:

Links and Images

"PreludeIDS official website":
[[WikiPageNames|The wiki page names page]]
  • The simplest way to include an image is to upload it as attachment to the current page, and put the filename in a macro call like:

Help and Validation

  • A good example of our standardized layout is the page covering the Prelude Manager configuration.
  • Also take advantage of the WikiFormatting page to understand the various ways to format in this wiki.
  • Before saving the page, fill in at least your name into the "Your email or username:" field.
  • Contact the documentation maintainer if you have any question at <documentation(at)>