Prewikka Manual

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Prewikka is the official Prelude User Interface. The Prewikka interface is a web GUI compatible with IE >= 9, Firefox >= 18, Chrome >= 26.
Prewikka is open source and is released under GPLv2 license. Prewikka has been developped in Python language.
Prelude supports real-time visualization of data thanks to Prewikka which provides automatic reloading of the alert listing.
PrewikkaPro, the commercial version of Prewikka provides additional functionalities. It is available through the Prelude SIEM website.

Caution: All Prewikka and PrewikkaPro functionalities are listed in this manual. So if you don't see all these functionalities on your own system, this is because either you use Prewikka and you are reading about a PrewikkaPro functionality, or you don't have the necessary permissions in Prewikka to see / use it.

Core Features

Below are listed the Prewikka and PrewikkaPro main functionalities. More details and pictures are available on the Prelude SIEM website.

Prewikka functionality

  • Advanced Aggregation System
  • Filter creation
  • Sensor monitoring
  • Alert listing automatic refresh
  • Plugins architecture
  • Themes

PrewikkaPro functionality

PrewikkaPro is the commercial version of Prewikka.
  • Permission management
  • Advanced Ticket System
  • Graphical Fully Interactive Statistics
  • Graphical Fully Interactive Forensic
  • Reporting (PCI DSS, vulnerabilities, ...)
  • Ability to Create Virtual Alert "Views"
  • Expert alert listing
  • Alert Listing PDF Export
  • Users and groups management
  • Secured Authentication from LDAP server
  • System command
  • Graphical LML and Correlator edition

Getting Started

Technical Requirements

Before you begin using the Prewikka interface, ensure that you have the required software installed and configured on your system as follows:

1. A current Web browser on your computer
Prewikka is compatible with:

You may encounter problems if you try to access Prewikka using old Web browser versions.

2. Enable Java Script and cookie support on your Web browser
Both Java Script and cookie support must be enabled in the security settings of your browser and is usually turned on by default. If you encounter problems accessing the system, check your browser configuration to ensure both Java Script support and cookie support are enabled as follows:
  • IE: Click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy and Security tabs
  • Firefox: Click Tools > Options > Privacy and Web Features tabs
3. Network access to a server that is running the Prewikka software
Your system or network administrator can provide you with a Web address (URL) from which the system can be accessed.

Accessing Prewikka

You access Prewikka through a Web browser.
To log into the system:

  • Enter the Prewikka URL in the address bar of your Web browser.

Prewikka does not support users management so you are logged as Anonymous user.

Setting Your Preferences

On your My Account page (click on the user on the top right side of the screen), you can view the settings.
As a user, you can edit some of these settings, such as your preferred language and your theme.

To set your language, click your User Name link located at the top right side of the page.

1. Language setting

Choose the appropriate language:

German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian

Session Timeout

For security reasons, the system automatically logs you out of the interface if you don't perform any tasks during one hour (default configuration).

This doesn't happen if the alert listing automatic refresh is activated and the refresh time is less than one hour.

Using Prewikka

Alerts section

The Alerts section allows you to see and manage your security alerts.

In order to learn how to use the Alerts section, see the Alerts Section Page

Agents section

The Agents section allows you to manage and monitor your agents.

In order to learn how to use the Agents section, see the Agents Section Page

Tickets section (!PrewikkaPro only)

The Tickets section allows you to create and manage your tickets.

In order to learn how to use the Tickets section, see the Tickets Section Page

Statistics section (!PrewikkaPro only)

The Statistics section enables you to navigate inside of alerts in a transversal manner.

In order to learn how to use the Statistics section, see the Statistics Section Page

Settings section

The Settings section allows you to manage your virtual views, your filters, your preferences and to create or delete users.

In order to learn how to use the Settings section, see the Settings Section Page

About section

In the About section, you will find the version of your Prewikka software, a description of the services provided by the CS company, and the company contact details.