Installing Prelude-Correlator

This section explains how to install the Prelude-Correlator from the tarball available from the Prelude website. However, Prelude-Correlator might be included with your distribution as a package and it would be easier to install it this way.

Table of Contents

Install Dependencies

  • Ensure that you have the Prelude Library installed. Instructions on installing libprelude can be found on the Prelude Library Installation Page
  • Prelude-Correlator requires Python 2.7 or later.

Get the sources

Download the latest Prelude-Correlator


You might install Prelude-Correlator as root:

   # python install

Or as an user:

   $ python install --prefix /prefix/where/prelude-correlator/should/be/installed

This will install files into the directories that were specified in step 1. Make sure that you have appropriate permissions to write into that area. Normally you need to do this step as root. Alternatively, you could create the target directories in advance and arrange for appropriate permissions to be granted.

More information on configuration and writing correlation rules can be found on the PreludeCorrelator page.