FAQ about CS acquiring Prelude-IDS

Edenwall (and Prelude Technologies) has gone on "bankruptcy" on August 2011 (

The software has been sold by a Court of Justice and CS acquired it. Unfortunately, by the time we got access to the box where the website was hosted, the site had been erased and we had to build everything back using backups.

After a lot of efforts, here we are, back online.

For the time being, access to all community-related contents has been closed (git repositories, etc.). We'll restore access to most of them at a later time.

Even though we have no obligation — we bought all copyrights pertaining to Prelude — our aim is to keep on maintaining an open-source edition of Prelude.

Right now our first priority is to relaunch Prelude Pro as we need new clients to prevent Prelude from disappearing ever again.

New (July 2012) : Mailing lists are back on line :

Hopefully, this page will help answer common questions we receive at our community contact email address:

Sources are not back on the site yet but Prelude OSS is still alive and kicking on most Linux distributions, so you can play with the open source edition, thanks to the documentation on this tracker.

Of course, if you have "Corporate" needs don't hesitate to contact us through our Corporate email address:

PS: acquiring a software is a long process ... much longer than we thought. So, during this "launching period" we'd like to thank all the people who helped us and especially those of the Edenwall/INL ex-employees who put confidence in us to save "what could be saved".