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Installation using MacPorts

MacPorts have parts of Prelude implemented. See the

Following components are included: br
  • libprelude
  • prelude-manager
  • prelude-lml
    All other modules(libpreludedb,prelude-correlator,...) are "work in progess" br

To use this installation method you first have to install MacPorts.

Install Libprelude

available variants: perl, python

# sudo port install libprelude

Install Prelude-Manager

At the moment the libpreludedb in MacPorts is broken. So prelude-manager won't have any database support and the only output plugins are: text, xml.

# sudo port install prelude-manager

Install Prelude-LML

# sudo port install prelude-lml

The default config file uses /var/log/system.log, so for a first start there is no need to edit the config files.

(For info here is the list of my instaled packages, they may nor be all necessary for Prelude : expat ; gettext ; gnutls ; libgcrypt ; libgpg-error ; libiconv ; libtasn1 ; opencdk ; pcre ; perl5.8 ; zlib)

Installation Manual


Installation Using Fink

If you habitualy use Fink instead of MacPorts (!DarwinPorts) perhaps is better to wait until Prelude is implemented by the Fink team.

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