• Take care of assigning a default CreateTime field if the caller did not already take care of it.
  • Workaround invalid library run path added through MakeMaker generated Makefile.
  • Fix Perl bindings Makefile generated with DESTDIR appended twice.
  • When compiling against recent GnuTLS version, don't link prelude-adduser to libgnutls-extra since, SRP symbols were moved to libgnutls.
  • If the user is running a modified GnuTLS version with the SRP API removed (namely, this happen on Fedora), warn the user that he should install GnuTLS from source, and that he might want to open a ticket on RedHat bug tracker about it.
  • Fix a problem where "MissingFunctionMacros" was reported instead of the function name on error.
  • Set keepalive option for the Prelude client socket.
  • Make option printing buffered.
  • Various bugfix.