• Hook class comparison function. Accept NULL, equal, not equal operator.
  • Introduce better error checking in the idmef-class API, which is now considered public and might be used by external application. Rename error code to reflect the API.
  • Change to the way IDMEF listed element are handled. Specifying negative number as the position of the element from the low level API now allow to position the element at the specified (reversed) index. Using the high level API a negative index permit to address a list of element backward (replace an element).
  • Build fixes for SWIG > 1.3.27.
  • Modify idmef_value_match() so that it always unroll listed value (do it for both val1 and val2. Remove assertion, and let idmef_value_type_compare() return an error code in case there is an issue.
  • Handle path using IDMEF_LIST_APPEND or IDMEF_LIST_PREPEND as path using an undefined list index on idmef_path_get() call.
  • Make criteria parser accept (*) list index.
  • Implement comparison function for all IDMEF object.