• Implement RFC 4122 UUIDv1 identifier generation, more resistant to duplicate than our previous implementation in case of clock skew, or multiple client with the same analyzerid sending alert in parallel.
  • You can now provide NULL value to idmef_path_set() in order to destroy existing value within an IDMEF message.
  • Unify memory handling of value retrieval through idmef_path_t. This allow the user to retrieve and keep any values, even through the associated IDMEF message is freed.
  • Build system cleanup, enable RELRO when possible.
  • Implement PRELUDE_CLIENT_FLAGS_AUTOCONFIG, which is set by default, but that applications might unset in order for their client not to read the default profile/global configuration.
  • Fix possible assertion when destroying un-started prelude-client.
  • Improvement to the prelude-io API, the user might now hook its own handling function.
  • Fix dumping of (not) NULL criteria operator to string. Remove gratuitous space insertion when dumping criteria.
  • Headers fixes for C++ build.
  • Fix printing and cloning of empty IDMEF string.
  • In IDMEF to string convertion code, print <invalid enum value> in place of NULL on invalid enumeration value.
  • Various bug fixes.