• Implement workaround for buggy libtool that will fail looking up symbol with preopening enabled in case the libtool archive is missing. Lot of distribution package seem to suffer from this.
  • idmef-path API improvement, allow user to specify negative index to address the list in reverse. Developer are now supposed to use IDMEF_LIST_APPEND (in place of index -1) and IDMEF_LIST_PREPEND (in place of 0) on listed object operation.
  • idmef-path API improvement: support for (<<) and (>>) listed object index, meaning to prepend the object / to append it, as well as (*) meaning to retrieve all object from a list. This deprecate the usage of (-1) previously used for appending.
  • Fix deconnection problem in client reading mode.
  • Improve option parsing: option value can now be provided using --option=value. This format is now a requirement for option that use an optional argument. Provide arguments information in the option help.
  • Fix deadlock on asynchronous prelude-client destruction.
  • Definitely fix the problem where prelude-adduser will, on some system, listen to Ipv6 IP address as the default: we now bind every address returned by getaddrinfo().
  • Fix crash in case of successive call to prelude_init(), prelude_deinit(), then prelude_init() again.
  • Introduce --passwd and --passwd-file option for prelude-adduser register and registration-server mode, allowing to specify one shot password on the command line, from a file, or from stdin.
  • Verbose error handling for prelude-adduser.
  • Fix perl bindings, make them more robust by adding type checking, and fix memory leak.
  • Fix parsing of string based broken down time criterion.
  • Handle configuration file containing \r.
  • Fix prelude_read_multiline2() return value (fix Prelude-Manager idmef-criteria-filter plugin).
  • Fix a bug in per thread error handling code which resulted in NULL error to be returned in case an application thread exited.
  • Various bug fixes.