Statistics (!PrewikkaPro only)

Statistics display

PrewikkaPro statistics are fully interactive. All the charts are displayed with their data table at their right. By clicking on a chart section or on a data table input, you will get the related alert listing.

Filtering tools

On the bottom left of the screen, you will find the Control Panel which will allow you to set the Filter and Time.

The Filter setting allows you to load a previously saved filter.

This kind of advanced filter can be created and saved in the Settings section, in the Filters tab. Learn more about this functionality in the Filters tab chapter on the Settings page

The Time setting allows you to define the time period you want to display: Hour (the last 60 minutes), Day (the last 24 hours), Month (the last 30 days) and Custom which ables you to set the From and To time in the fields bellow.

Once you have set your preferences, you must click the Apply button or the Save button.

Statistics tabs

In the Statistics section, you will find five tabs:

  • The Categorizations tab
    In this tab there are three pie charts: Top 10 Alert Classifications, Alert Severities and Alert Impact Types charts.
  • The Sources tab
    In this tab there are two pie charts: Top 10 Source Addresses and Top 10 Source Country charts.
  • The Targets tab
    In this tab there are two pie charts: Top 10 Targeted Addresses and Top 10 Targeted Ports charts.
  • The Analyzers tab
    In this tab there are five pie charts: Top 10 analyzers, Top 10 Analyzer Models, Top 10 Analyzer Classes, Top 10 Analyzer Node Addresses and Top 10 Analyzer Node Locations charts.
  • The Timeline tab
    In this tab there is one bar chart: the Timeline repartition chart.

In the Month view, each bar is one day. In the Day view, each bar is one hour. In the Hour view, each bar is a minute. By clicking on a bar in the Month view you will access the Day view, then you will access the Hour view, then you will access the alert listing from the minute of the bar for the Period set in the control panel of the alert listing.