Tickets (!PrewikkaPro only)

The PrewikkaPro Advanced Ticket System is a system of assigning responsibilities for alert handling.

Ticket creation:

To create a ticket for one or more alerts, you must click on new ticket in the Time column of the alerts listing in the Alerts section.

Once done, you get the ticket creation page.

The upper box is to select / unselect the ticket creation criteria: Classification, Source Address, Target Address, From (time), To (time). By default, all criteria are checked for the selected alert so one ticket will be created for this alert only. If you uncheck one or more criteria, tickets will automatically be created according to the remaining checked criteria.

To create a new ticket fill the Create a new ticket box fields: Summary, Description, Priority, Assigned to. Only the Summary field is required. Then click the Submit button. The ticket is created and you are redirected to the ticket summary page.

To apply the new selected criteria (Conditions) to an existing ticket, just select the existing ticket name in the Attach to existing ticket box. Then click the Submit button. The ticket is updated and you are redirected to the ticket summary page.

Ticket management:

The Tickets section displays the tickets listing. Each ticket is colored according to its priority : Low (green), Medium (yellow), High (red). You can shake up your ticket listing by clicking Priority or Create time in the table header.

The ticket listing can be filtered according to the Status, Priority and/or Keyword criteria.

By clicking the ticket identification number you can modify the ticket details:
  • Add a comment, change its name, the assign to parameter, its priority and the resolution status (Fixed / False positive).
  • When several conditions have been attached to a same ticket, you can select the condition you want to delete in the Conditions box, then click the Delete selected button.

To delete a ticket, select it in the tickets listing and click the Delete ticket button.