• Update configuration template, add documentation for Prelude generic TCP options.
  • Implement modified patch from Pierre Chifflier <> to fix the example log path (fix #224).
  • Move IDMEF message normalization in the scheduler, rather than doing it upon reception. This remove some load from the server and allow Prelude-Manager own IDMEF messages to go through the normalizer path.
  • Implement heartbeat->analyzer normalization.
  • Improve IPv4 / IPv6 address normalization. IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses are now mapped back to IPv4. Additionally, the Normalize plugin now provide two additionals option:
    • ipv6-only: Map any incoming IPv4 address to IPv6.
    • keep-ipv4-mapped-ipv6: do not map IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses back to IPv4.
  • Make a difference between exceptional report plugin failure (example: a single message couldn't be processed) and "global" plugin failure (example: database server is down). We use a different failover for 'exceptional' failure, so that we don't try to reinsert a bogus message (fix #247).
  • Start of a Prelude-Manager manpages (#236).
  • Various bug fixes.