Database Reporting Plugin



In order for Prelude-Manager to report to a database, you need to use the db reporting plugin. Additionaly, you need to provide this plugin with several arguments:

  • type: The type of database (mysql or pgsql).
  • host: The hostname where the database is listening (default is localhost).
  • port: The port where the database is listening, if applicable.
  • name: The name of the database to use.
  • user: The username to use in order to connect to this database.
  • pass: The password to use in order to connect to this database.
   prelude-manager --db --type mysql --host localhost --name prelude --user prelude --pass XXXXXX

Or from the configuration file:

type = mysql
host = localhost
name = prelude
user = prelude
pass = XXXXXX


You might want to store alerts in case the db reporting plugin fails: Use the Prelude-Manager Failover feature.

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