Relaying Plugin

WARNING: This function is only available in professional version


Prelude Managers can also act as relays to another Manager using the relaying plugin. Relaying Managers control a set of Analyzers, and relay alerts and messages received from these analyzers to another Parent Manager. This is a very useful feature when a network is divided into sub-networks.

   prelude-manager --relaying --parent-managers "x.x.x.x" 

Started this way, the prelude-manager will connect to the specified parent manager (x.x.x.x in this example).

Note that you can specify more complex connection information, like:

   prelude-manager --relaying --parent-managers "x.x.x.x && y.y.y.y" 

Relaying information to x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y, or even:

   prelude-manager --relaying --parent-managers "x.x.x.x || y.y.y.y" 

Relaying information to x.x.x.x or 'y.y.y.y' if x.x.x.x goes down.

This option might also be specified from the prelude-manager configuration file:

parent-managers = x.x.x.x && y.y.y.y

Reverse Relaying

Under certain conditions (an example of this are DMZ network), it might be difficult for an administrator to allow a set of analyzers on a given network to contact a manager located on another network. However, if connections to the analyzer network are permitted, you might use Reverse Relaying to solve your problem. In this situation, the manager connects to the Analyzer in order to receive the information.

   prelude-manager --child-managers "x.x.x.x" 

from the command line option, or in the prelude-manager configuration file:

child-managers = "x.x.x.x" 

will make prelude-manager connect to x.x.x.x and retrieve events from it. Connection strings are also supported, as specified in the Relaying section above.

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