• Resolve the protocol number from the message summary view.
  • Separate port and protocol value, so that we don't end up linking the protocol to portdb if there is no port.
  • Ability to setup filter on iana_protocol_name and iana_protocol_number.
  • Sanitize timeline years value on system which does not support time exceeding 2^31-1. Fix #104.
  • Mark CorrelationAlert explicitly in the AlertListing.
  • Make inline filter mark more visible.
  • Ability for the user to save settings for the current view.
  • New --address and --port option to prewikka-httpd.
  • Fix a bug where clicking the IP address popup would cause Firefox to go back to the top of the page. Fix #112.
  • Don't hardcode path to /usr/bin/python, but resort to /usr/bin/env to find it.