• Don't show all source and target when they reach a predefined limit, instead provide an expansion link.
  • Ability to filter and aggregate on all IDMEF path. If the filtered path is an enumeration, automatically provide the list of possible value.
  • Add a combo box for the user to choose which criteria operator to use.
  • Prewikka can now aggregate by analyzer.
  • When a session expire and the user login, the user is redirected to the page he attempted to access when the session expired.
  • When an error occur, the default Prewikka layout is now preserved.
  • Correct handling of empty value for hash key generation. Fix #204.
  • Use new libpreludedb function that return the results as well as the number of results. This avoid using COUNT in some places (namely, this speedup
    non aggregated view by ~50%).
  • Avoid iterating the list of database result more than needed.
  • Support IDMEF Action, SNMPService, and WebService class.
  • Improved support for small screen resolution.