• Only perform additional database request when using Sensor localtime: this bring a performance improvement of about 36% on aggregated query, when using either frontend localtime (the default), or UTC time.
  • JQuery support: Port most of the javascript code to make use of JQuery. Add show/hide effect to CSS popup. More filtering functionality in the SensorListing view.
  • Cleanup the Authentication class, so that uper Prewikka layer can act depending whether the backend support user creation / deletion. Anonymous authentication is nowa plugin.
  • Better integration of CGI authentication allowing user listing and deletion.
  • Report template exception directly to the user.
  • Fix exception if an alert analyzer name is empty.
  • Fix problem when adding new Prewikka users (#262).
  • Fix exception when user has no permission set.
  • When changing password, we didn't try to match an empty 'current password' (which is a minor issue since the user is already authenticated). Thanks to Helmut Azbest <> for the fix.
  • In the configuration file, recognize section even if there are whitespace at the beginning of the line.
  • Localization fixes, by Sebastien Tricaud <>, and Bjoern Weiland.