• Fix a crash with Python bindings upon signal reception (Fix #200).
  • New --with-system-ltdl configure switch. The default is now to use the system wide ltdl library if it is available, unless specified otherwise (Fix #199).
  • Prevent NULL pointer dereference if no permission is specified after the permission type (Fix #197).
  • Upon IDMEFCriteria parsing error, recover from broken parser stater (Fix #195).
  • Detailed error reporting on IDMEFCriteria parsing error.
  • Fix string and possible criteria leak on IDMEFCriteria syntax error.
  • Prefer anonymous authentication rather than SRP. We do this because there are compatibility issue with SRP between different GnuTLS version (Should fix #187).
  • When dumping AdditionalData of type byte-string to string, encode the data using base64.
  • Win32 compatibility fixes.
  • Cross compilation fixes.